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We need your help! Some close friends uf us are currently travelling in Greece, close to Tesaloniki. Someone manipulated / destoyed two of their tires. Does anyone know where to get tirer with the specs 365/80 R20 (preferably Michelin XZL) in Greece? Any help would be much appreciated! ...

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Does anyone know where in Greece we would get a replacement for a Unimog window (driver side)? Friends of ours are in Greece. Somone destroyed their window trying to get acces to their Unimog. The will take a ferry on Monday and would like to replace it before that. Any help would be much appreciated! ...

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Update: Thank you very much for reacting to our call for help. The support we are experiencing is just amazing making the terrible situation a bit less painful. In the name of Sonja and Michael we want to thank all of you for your fantastic help!!! We are positive to get our Unimog rescued soon. ...

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HELP NEEDED!!! Close friends of ours are in trouble. Their Unimog has overturned at the beach very close to the sea. They need help to put the Unimog back in place to save it from the tide. They are located at Cuevas del Almanzora which is about in the middle between Almeria and Murcia in Spain. Any help is appreciated. Please message me and I will connect you with Micha. Here to coordinates 37.302209, -1.711868 Thank you all for sharing and helping! ...

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Wie Ihr ja bereits wisst, haben wir unsere Reise unterbrochen. Trotz der allmälich besser werdenden Lage sind noch immer viele Grenzen geschlossen. Vorallem die Länder, die uns reizen würden. Der Umterbruch wird wohl noch eine Weile dauern. Wie geht Ihr mit der Situation um? Habt Ihr Eure Pläne angepasst? ...

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